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Unincorporated Communities

In Yukon, unincorporated communities are small communities that are not municipalities. Unincorporated communities are not governed by Yukon’s Municipal Act and therefore do not have authority over taxation, bylaw making, land use, etc. A Local Advisory Council advises on development while public infrastructure is supported by Yukon Government’s Department of Community Services.



Values explain what is fundamentally important (e.g. inclusion, lifelong learning) and guide decisions and behaviours.


Vision, in a plan, describes a future in which people's hopes and dreams are reflected.



Wellbeing refers to the presence of the highest possible quality of life in its full breadth of expression, focused on but not necessarily exclusive to: good living standards, robust health, a sustainable environment, vital communities, an educated populace, balanced time use, high levels of democratic participation, and access to and participation in recreation and culture.

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