1. Introduction

Welcome to the Learning Space for the Recreation North Training Program. Our remote learning events are set up in a learning management system (LMS) called Moodle. In our Learning Space you will find what you need to learn online and to develop your recreation leadership skills.

If you’ve found your way into this first chapter of Introduction to Online Learning, and if you're comfortable using Facebook or surfing the Internet to find out what you want to know, you already have some of the skills you need for remote learning.

Remote learning takes place online, but many of the skills used in face-to-face learning are useful online too. Successful online learners need good self-management skills; skills like time management, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Technical skills are also important when learning online. 

Be sure to make time to develop your personal skills and your technology-related skills so you get the most out of your remote learning experiences.

With remote learning, you will use a computer, mobile device, and/or phone. You will participate in online discussions and you may work with other participants on some activities. To be successful in your remote learning events, you may need to develop your computer skills. To learn online, you need:

  • basic computer skills,
  • a computer with a good Internet connection (as good as possible), 
  • a reasonably up-to-date web browser, and 
  • word processing software. 

As an adult learner, it’s your responsibility to keep up with the pace and to complete the learning activities on time. You will have support from the learning community that includes you, your trainer, other participants, and the people behind the scenes who manage our Learning Space.